Updating your job hazard analysis

19-Nov-2017 04:31

There can also be hundreds of other VOC sources in the actual structure and decor items in the average home.

These VOC sources often continuously off-gass toxic chemical poisons into your indoor environment where they can often accumulate and damage the health of people and pets.

We all need to reduce our chemical consumption and stop spending money on things we don't need or which damage our health and the environment. Many common household chemical products can greatly increase the levels of VOC inside your home.

It only takes a little gasoline vapor infiltrating regularly to contaminate everything in a room and make a space totally unlivable for quite some time.

Of all the indoor air conundrums I have been contacted about, chemicals in one form or another is often the cause of the complaints or mysterious illnesses.

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Now let's find out if your home sweet home may be a toxic waste dump... for help with any type of poison exposure - including from plants, drugs, insects, products, or animal bites.

That covers the majors and helps identify exactly what needs to be removed to create a more healthy home.