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Salads that were nothing but a heap of raw ingredients in dissaray plainly lacked cultivation, and the cooking experts developed a number of ingenious ways to wrap them up...

The tidiest and most thorough way to package a salad was to mold in in gelatin." ---Perfection Salad: Women and Cooking at the Turn of the Century, Laura Shapiro [North Point Press: New York] 1986 (p.

VIII16) [1923] "Candle Salad (Six Portions) (A clever salad to serve at a child's birthday party.) Six pieces lettuce Six slices pineapple Three bananas Six red cherries Six strips green pepper One-half cup mayonnaise Arrange the lettuce leaves on salad plates. Insert half a banana upright to represent the candle.

Top with a red cherry and place some mayonnaise on the side to represent driping candle grease. 49) [1924] "Candlette Salad This is very pretty to serve at a Hallowe'en party.

The object of scientific salad making was to subdue the raw greens until they bore as little resemblance as possible to their natural state.

If a plain green salad was called for, the experts tried to avoid simply letting a disorganized pile of leaves drop messily onto the plate...

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As time progressed, salads became more complicated. Dinner salads, as we know them today, were popular with Renaissance folks. This was chosen because in ancient times, salt was often an ingredient in the dressing. Katz, editor and William Woys Weaver, associate editor [Charles Scribner's Sons: New York] 2003, Volume 3 (p. The medical practitioners Hippocrates and Galen belived that raw vegetables easily slipped through the system and did not create obstructions for what followed, therefore they should be served first. Take persel, sawge, garlec [etc.]..waische hem clene.myng hem wel with rawe oile, lay on vyneger and salt, and serue it forth." "Although the ancient Greeks and Romans did not use the world "salad," they enjoyed a variety of dishes with raw vegetables dressed with vinegar, oil, and herbs...[1921] "A decorative Christmas candle salad is made by placing half of a small banana in the center of ring of pineapple.

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The light on the candle is represented by a piece of red cherry."---"The How in Houses," Los Angeles Times, December 18, 1921 (p.

At first "salad" referred to various kinds of greens pickled in vinegar or salt.

The experience of foreign educators in recent years has tended to restrict the size of school-grammars of Latin, and has demanded an incorporation of the main principles of the language in compact manuals of 250 pages. … continue reading »

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